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Our Story

Join Us On Our Mission To Keep Elephant Safe.


I follow a couple of wildlife accounts on social media and I have spent hours and hours binge-watching animal videos on Youtube—The Dodo is our favorite— I came across a video of a baby elephant got stuck in a ditch, while it's actual mother was disheveled running about in confusion and other elephants of her herd trying to ward her away from her young  because predators were closing in. 

Along came another herd and while the bigger elephants tried to ward off lions the matriarch, the leader of the other herd got to work trying to save the young calf. 

She was so gentle and used her powerful trunk to lift the young elephant out of the ditch, I was stuck. I knew I had found my favorite animals.

I started doing a lot of research and reading all I could about them and found out a couple of very interesting and insightful information.

And I also discovered that hundreds of these magnificent creatures are enslaved and broken and their lives snatched away from them.

With the presence of sanctuaries that are doing all they can to buy off elephants from their owners and give the life they deserved. They still need support

And the only way I could do this is to start a store and donate a sizeable portion of my profits to all elephant sanctuaries and other animal sanctuaries. 

So, whatever you buy off Olifant Love you are contributing to the safety and the well-being of the gentle giants. 

We hope you'd be part of the team that changes the world.